Julia Rudin

During Rosh Hashanah, Julia came to the bimah and spoke to the congregation about her experiences visiting Israel.  The text of her talk is below, along with some photographs she thought would be meaningful.


While studying for my bat mitzvah with Rabbi Sternstein he told me to try my hardest to go to Israel before birthright. Fortunately we had the perfect opportunity this summer to go! As much as it would of been nice to go as one big family, it was great that my whole family was able to go at separate times this year! When planning our trip we were going to go to all these historical sites, float in the Dead Sea and hike Masada but in the end we didn't get to do all that. Instead we got to see family that we rarely ever see, my cousins on my dads side who rarely come to the US and my moms cousins who made Aliyah a few years ago..but the best part was spending time and exploring Israel with my brother who went for birthright and hasn't come back yet. And my sister who was there for an internship and I hadn't seen her since January. It made my first trip to Israel so much more meaningful. It was such an awesome trip to go on and to be able to spend it with 5/6 of my family! If my brother doesn't come home, there will definitely be many more family trips to such an amazing place! I look forward to going back on many more trips!