From the blog of Sophie Ashkinaze-Collender (grand-daughter of our members Julianne and Bob Ashkinaze).  Sophie is a student at Boston University and is in Jerusalem as an intern at the Jerusalem Post.  

Day One at the Post

       It's 4:14 pm on Sunday the 19th. There are sixteen minutes to go until my first news budget meeting of the summer at the Jerusalem Post, after which the day will come to a close and I'll hop back onto the 18 bus with Jack and Sam, the other two interns in the Boston program.

I woke up to the chirps of birds floating through my open bedroom window, the sun gently peeking in at 7 am. Ready to face a day of unexpected surprises and excitement, I quickly showered and dressed, throwing on cropped, patterned pants and slipping into my trusty silver Birkenstocks. "Today is the day! Happy first day of school!" my new roommates and I exclaimed, joking about each other's school-girl eagerness.

From the moment the boys and I arrived at 206 Yafo Street, we knew that this summer is going to be fulfilling. The elevator whizzed up to the 6th floor where a large sign for "The Jerusalem Post" greeted us upon entry. We finally met with David Brinn, our contact here at the Post (and BU alum!) after many months of waiting. The whirl of faces, names, and personalities kept the day fresh and new, with much promise for a busy and educational experience. Already I have the opportunity to attend a press conference tomorrow concerning the environment. Noa, the News Editor, e-mailed the writer covering the conference right away in the hope that she will not be busy enough for me to tag along. Sam and I will also be attending a show on Thursday evening that Helen Mirren will be at. The opportunities will be endless.

We also met Tova, an editor who has been here for over two decades, Shawn, the Entertainment editor with the power to obtain free concert tickets, and Seth, the man who presides over the Opinions section of the newspaper. Each person, most of which I haven't even listed, each have their own incredible stories and backgrounds, promising new chunks inspiration and wisdom that can only come from living, working, and breathing in the heart of Israel.

All I can think about now is the delicious salmon from the shuk that I will be preparing later tonight. This is cliché, but life is pretty damn good.