The Yorktown Jewish Center stands with Israel.  Many of our members, including children, have visited Israel and we invite you to submit photographs or a narrative which depict what moved you during your visit.

Please keep these simple guide lines in mind.

  1. Please submit no more than 6 to 10 photographs. I will choose the photographs based on the quality of the image.

  2. Images should be in JPEG format.

  3. All submissions should be in either portrait or landscape;
    do not mix the orientation.

  4. Please provide a location and date as well as a brief caption for each photograph.

  5. Remember that this is an open web site and all photos can be viewed by anyone who lands on the site.

  6. E-mail images to: and if you have any questions, please e-mail Mike Mirsky at the same address.


Sophie Ashkinaze-Collender

Sophie is the grand-daughter of Bob & Julianne Ashkinaze who are long-time members of the Yorktown Jewish Center.  Sophie is in Israel doing an internship at the Jerusalem Post.  If you click on her name, you will see a page with her blog entry describing her first day on the job.  Please read it and enjoy her excitement and jubilation!

Phyllis and Arnie Cohen

Phyllis and Arnie spent most of May 2016 in Israel.  Read this wonderful account of Yom Haatzmaut as well as an encounter with Shimon.

Ariana Reinhertz

Ariana spoke to the congregation during Rosh Hashanah about her January 2017 trip to Israel.  Click on her name to read her remarks.  Yasher Koach to Ariana for sharing her thoughts with us.

Lauren Contard

Lauren also spoke to the congregation during Rosh Hashanah and shared some of her impressions of her December 2016 Israeli trip.  Click on her name to read Lauren's insiteful commentary.  Todah to Lauren for providing us with these wonderful thoughts.